Each year our ride is dedicated to an individual — sometimes a child, sometimes an adult — with muscular dystrophy or related muscle disease. By dedicating the ride, we put a more personal face on the disease(s) that we’re working to eradicate.

The Trans-NH Bike Ride Board and Muscular Dystrophy Association are delighted to announce this year’s dedicatee: Lilly. 

Lilly is 15-years old and was diagnosed with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease type 1a at 4 years old. She’s your typical 10th-grader who loves to hang out with her friends making TikToks, trying the newest trends in makeup, and avoiding cleaning her room. Her favorite subjects in school are science and history. However, choir is her all-time favorite class because she loves to sing and has been singing her entire life. As a voice-over artist she has lent her voice to many cartoons, including “Anna and Friends” voicing Anna. She also loves participating in pageants and has been competing in them since she was 5.

Getting up on stage and telling people her story and the challenges that she’s faced and overcome helps her feel that she’s doing her small part in helping show kids living with muscle disease that they are just as gifted and talented as everyone else. She’s faced many challenges living with CMT, particularly in school as her disease has progressed, and she’s had to learn to ask for accommodations when needed so she can succeed. It’s not always easy yet Lilly tries to always remember how capable she truly is and always will be.

By riding — and raising money — you help those affected with these diseases live life unlimited.

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