Each year our ride is dedicated to an individual – sometimes a child, sometimes an adult.  By dedicating the ride we put a more personal face on the disease(s) that we are working to eradicate.  Muscular Dystrophy comes in many forms and it affects those diagnosed in ways large and small.  In some cases lives are ended in their youth and in other cases those affected suffer day in and day out for years from the ravages of the disease.

The 2015 ride is dedicated to Ellen Corindia — click here to read Ellen’s bio.

Below is the history of our ride through a different lens – through the faces of our dedicatees.  We apologize that our record keeping in the earlier years wasn’t complete so we don’t have everyone’s name and picture but please take a moment to meet each of those whose information is below.  If you click on their names you can read a little bit about them.


2014 – David Shortlidge2014_david 2013 – Jaime Plourde2013_Jamie 2012 – Anthony Jenningsanthony
2011 – Spencer Desfosses2011 spencer 2010 – Marion Stearns2010 Marion 2009 – Teagan House2009 Teagan_chair
2008 – Pete & Joe Lafferty2008 Pete_Joe 2007
2006 – Elisabeth Hunter2006 eh_leaves
2005 – Pat Moeschen2005 patmoeschen 2004 – Isaiah  Gomez2004 isaiah 2003 – Leslie Day2003_leslie_day_suit
2002 – Amanda Knightly2002_amandaknightly 2001 – John Carlson2001 johncarlson 2000 – Kaitlyn2000_Kaitlyn
– Nancy Phillips
-Bob Alford
– Scott Rice
1992 – Jared Aronson1992_Jared 1991
– Leslie & Andy Washburn
– Shawn Raymond – Jacob Bergeron
Noelle Gagnon1990_Noelle_crop
1989 – Ben Daggett1989_Ben 1988 – Danny Hebert1988_Danny3